Project Description

Booster Lab – Accelerate Growth

In today’s idea economy, success is determined by the ability to beat the competition in transforming ideas into value, as quickly as possible. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) recently launched start-up program Booster Lab, in cooperation with their partner company Eshgro, based on the very essence of the idea economy.

Together with fellow start-ups, Briter, Converling, De Zorgoppas, Freshrr, FreshToast, Luqo and Resq, Fibéo will join the Booster Lab Program for the duration of one year. With this initiative HPE and Eshgro are helping start-ups to achieve the desired accelerated growth.

The accelerator program consists of three consecutive phases: The Start-up Kit, Networking and Mentoring.


The Start-up Kit

With the right tools, such as a secure cloud desktop and Iaas, productivity and efficiency are increased. The software offered by HPE and their partner company Eshgro is designed to enable the scale-up and further development of the start-ups in the program.


HPE is currently active in 150 countries and has 77 years of industry experience. They deal with a wide variety of companies, ranging from health care, multimedia and logistics to e-commerce. This has resulted in a worldwide network of customers, partners, distributors and suppliers.


HPE offers experienced executives, with industry knowledge and a broad network. These executives act as mentors for the participating start-ups, coaching them on a monthly basis.

Joining The Booster Lab program means that Fibéo has exciting times ahead. HPE enables the participating start-ups to exchange knowledge and ideas in a series of events, including top meetings, master classes and festivals.

At the end of the program the start-ups graduate with a ceremony in which they demonstrate the growth they have achieved during the program. They will then join the Alumni Circle.

Why Fibéo?

Fibéo is the why. That’s why. Fibéo answers the questions that data and statistics can not answer. In a very simple way we let you see and hear why visitors do what they do. Why they leave, or why they get enthusiastic.

And whether you consider the target audience to be recently graduated female hair dressers, in possession of a dog and an e-bike, or bold men in their fifties, living in the north of the country, with an interest in horse dressage and ballet… we make sure that you get the feedback from the audience that matters to you! This way you can adjust your website even better to the specific demands and preferences of your visitors.

Curious how it works?

Together with Fibéo the customer determines the goals and target audience of the survey. Which aspects of the website are being tested? And whose feedback do you need? We then set up the briefing and specifically invite respondents that match the criteria. Participants can do the survey at home, using their own pcs with webcam. This is not only an affordable and efficient way of doing research. Another big advantage is that it makes respondents feel at ease and therefore tend to be more honest.

We analyse the videos and compile the feedback in a detailed report, together with our own findings and recommendations, which are always supported by specific fragments in the videos.


About Fibéo

“During my work as a website manager I constantly missed good customer feedback in the optimisation progress. There simply was no suitable solution. That’s how the idea was born to start Fibéo. Hopefully I managed to get you excited about our possibilities. Of course I am more than happy to meet in person and tell you more about Fibéo. Hope to speak to you soon!”

  Henk-Jan Journée
  CEO | Founder

Set up a survey?

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