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Now we know what’s next!

Only a few weeks ago we were sitting in the office, wondering if we could bring together a nice group of like-minded people in the field of UX. To connect, learn from each other and to have a fun evening. Most of all to get an idea of what the future will bring, in terms of UX development.

We decided we had to just organise an event ourselves. And in order to be ahead of all the upcoming Christmas parties, we figured we had to make it fast! So we started a Meetup group, picked a date, found a nice location, 2 great speakers and just got on with it. The Meetup group “Remote User Testing” quickly grew to over 100 people and more and more people signed up for the event.

Henk-Jan opened the evening with an introduction of what the new group is all about, followed by a short presentation of his company Fibéo. For the people in the room who were not yet familiar with Fibéo research, he showed a website user in the new “transparency view”, which literally allows the viewer to see the website through the user’s eyes.

Face analysis

It was then time for the first speaker; Dr. Roberto Valenti, CTO and co-founder of SIGHTCORP. His company has developed a new technology for facial recognition and face analysis. There is so much information in a person’s face. Obvious things like gender, ethnicity, age, etc. but their technology also measures more complex emotions such as happiness, frustration and interest. It even shows up to what extent someone is satisfied at a certain moment. This technique offers endless possibilities in various fields. For example automotive security systems, monitoring patients, interactive communication. And of course for advertising and marketing purposes, probably the most interesting function for the crowd at our event. Sightcorp’s technology is used to monitor customer behaviour, get audience demographics and recognise changes in response to certain products or campaigns.
Altogether, very exciting developments and great presentation by Roberto! To find out more, please go to

The power of persuasion

The second speaker, Mr. Rodger Buyvoets, continued with a very entertaining presentation about “The Power of Persuasion”. The video he showed us at the start of his talk brilliantly explains the science of persuasion. Check it here:

His company SAGENT combines consumer psychology with machine learning, in order to build profiles used for online persuasion. Their technology “predicts” whether a certain consumer is more likely to be persuaded to do a purchase by emphasising on the quality, social status or scarcity of a certain product. Individually targeted messages displayed for the right person, at the right place and time, prove to have a huge positive effect on conversion rates.
Their latest feature, currently running in beta, is called “psychology pricing”. It changes for example the font size of the price, or divides it in monthly payment terms, whichever technique makes most sense for that particular consumer profile. Very interesting stuff. Get more information at

After these inspiring talks, Henk-Jan closed the serious part of the evening and kindly requested the attendees to help us finish our marketing budget, which we had converted entirely to drinks for that evening. That resulted in a very pleasant evening…

To be continued. See you next time!

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