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A unique way of research. See on video how your visitors respond to your website.

opsomming-fibeo Anonymous respondents don’t mince words

opsomming-fibeo See the users’ emotions through the webcam

opsomming-fibeo Get actionable insights from your customers

fibeo respondent in actie

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Gain insights through your own responsive dashboard, compare results and share them with others.

opsomming-fibeo Monitor the research’s progress

opsomming-fibeo View users on an individual level

opsomming-fibeo Export videos and results



Would you prefer the ‘all-inclusive treatment’? Then you should opt for Fibéo’s all-inclusive report.

opsomming-fibeo Benefit from our experience in usability and website optimization

opsomming-fibeo Quick wins and actionable insights you can implement right away

opsomming-fibeo High quality research conducted by academic researchers

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Direct optimization based on customer feedback

Anonymous respondents don’t mince words

Powerful foundation of your insights

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