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Why we’re doing this

What does your customer really think about your website? What do visitors like and where do they lose interest? Time to give them the floor!

research from home

How we’re doing this

Together with you, we will create a briefing which will allow visitors from your target audience to get started with reviewing your website right away.

why fibeo

Why you want to do this

By looking through your visitor’s eyes, you gain concrete insights into how you could optimize the user experience.

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Never before has it been so easy to obtain qualitative insights from users. Discover it for yourself.

opsomming-fibeo Cheaper and significantly faster than traditional research

opsomming-fibeo An established method for website optimization

opsomming-fibeo Scalable from 5 to 500 respondents



Welcome to one of our 80 000 usability labs! With the help of the Fibéo software, we can turn any living room into a lab.

opsomming-fibeo Natural and familiar environment, simply at the respondents’ home

opsomming-fibeo Respondents from the Netherlands, Germany, England and Belgium

opsomming-fibeo Reach your actual target audience, workable 24/7

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Direct optimization based on customer feedback

Anonymous respondents don’t mince words

Powerful foundation of your insights

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